Foundry Legal provides reasonably priced legal services to clients in all areas of creative expression, including visual, literary, and performing arts. Our clients are individuals, for-profit entities, and not-for-profit groups and hobbyists.  Some of our clients include photographers, TEDx, musicians, and designers in the Front Range.

We also provide educational programs for the arts communities in Denver and elsewhere.

We advise creative clients in the full array of legal issues that they encounter such as: 

  • Corporate and general business matters (e.g. setting up new entities, reorganizations);

  • Copyright, trademark, and trade secrets;

  • Contract drafting, review, and negotiation;

  • Nonprofit formation and tax exemption;

  • Rights of privacy and publicity;

  • Dispute resolution and settlement

  • Employment and independent contractor/consultant issues.

Email us to start a conversation about your creative industry legal issue.

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