about the firm

Our origin story

Foundry Legal is a mission-driven group of passionate, thoughtful attorneys. The firm endeavors to be a go-to resource for private companies, nonprofits, and individuals who need targeted guidance on complex legal problems.

We take pride in equipping clients with the range of tools they needed to get a business off the ground. Be it late night phone calls, introductions to key partners and resources, or lending an ear and some words of encouragement, we’ll go above and beyond to help our clients succeed.

Why we practice

This is a firm built with curious minds and big hearts. Our clients include lean aerospace technology disruptors, cybersecurity software companies, student entrepreneur teams, and established enterprises interested in exploring new channels for growth in the U.S. and abroad. We also counsel creatives, solo consultants, and a range of businesses in emerging markets.

Each of our clients faces a moment of flux: transitioning from one state to another. To this we bring our commitment to efficient problem solving and swift execution, helping our clients move forward into their next big challenge.

From our clients...