Nonprofit and Sustainable Enterprise

Whether you’ve been trying to get your charity project off the ground or it’s time to file your annual Form 990, Foundry Legal can help. Or, what is this thing called a B Corporation, anyway? We have experience forming and advising regional and national non-profit organizations and would be happy to assist you with whatever comes your way.

Some of the issues a nonprofit is likely to face include: 

  • Formation and initial filing for federal tax-exempt status recognition
  • Nonprofit governance and compliance
  • State charitable solicitation registration and requirements
  • Challenges with unrelated business taxable income (“UBTI”)
  • Form 990 filings and compliance

 Or maybe some like these?:

  • Fundraising records and gift management
  • Employment and volunteer issues 
  • Executive compensation
  • Nonprofit director liability and indemnification
  • Commercial transactions and charitable purpose
  • Private foundations; 501(c)(4) and 501(c)(6)-specific issues

Email us to start a conversation about your nonprofit issue.  We’re honored to help you in your mission to help others. 

Foundry Legal is a boutique business-focused law firm that’s not afraid of the questions you need answers to.  

Our clients include companies in emerging industries, first-time entrepreneurs taking advantage of new opportunities in the industry, and thinkers and questioners of all sorts. 


good legal is good business.

Foundry Legal is a boutique business law practice in Denver, CO.  Our attorneys focus on sustainable business law, which at its core means building a solid foundation for new and growing businesses, impact organizations, and other game-changers.

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