Cannabis & Hemp Advisory

Cannabis businesses have a range of needs, and need attorneys with regulatory experience and judgment to help get them where they want to go.  We can assist with: 

Regulatory compliance

Corporate and business planning

Transactions and fundraising

Trademarks and brand protection
Licensing and engagement with administrative agencies
Resolution of contract disputes

  • Advisor to several industrial hemp startup companies on formation and corporate governance issues
  • Advising B2B manufacturer of extracted CBD products about state licensing requirements
  • Advising hemp and CBD botanicals and cosmetics company concerning national distribution, including labeling, import/export, and licensing
  • Advising founder of medical and retail marijuana regulatory compliance software platform
  • Counseling cannabis product and packaging manufacturer on early-stage issues, including corporate formation and transaction with potential joint venture partner
  • In-house advisor to medical and retail marijuana company
  • Assisting cannabis-industry manufacturing practices consultant on formation and regulatory requirements
  • Helping cannabis manufacturing trade association seek tax-exempt status
  • Assisting major Colorado-based cannabis business on intellectual property protection issues, including trademark and brand protection
  • Advisor to cannabis retailer in favorable settlement of contract dispute with supplier

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Changing regulations, seemingly inconsistent enforcement of ambiguous laws, endless licensing requirements.  

Navigating against a moving target is no easy task.  That being said, we’re up for the challenge. 


Foundry Legal is synonymous with knowledge. We want to know everything in order to provide the best counsel for the present, and set you on the right path for the future.


Our lawyers have been there. We understand cannabis, understand business, understand people, and know how to get things done.


The cannabis industry is filled with hustlers. You shouldn’t have to worry that your lawyer is one of them. Foundry Legal combines the professionalism of traditional law with the passion and creativity of the cannabis industry. We are here to be your long term partner through thick and thin, wherever your business journey takes you.


We know that business is about people, and have an unshakable belief that the best way to move this industry forward is to support the community of cannabis businesses who are in it for the right reasons. 

Our clients include dispensaries doing millions in sales, students taking their first steps in entrepreneurship, and first-time entrepreneurs taking advantage of new opportunities in the industry, and thinkers of all sorts. 

Foundry Legal is a boutique business-focused law firm that’s not afraid of the questions you need answers to.  

Our clients include companies in emerging industries, first-time entrepreneurs taking advantage of new opportunities in the industry, and thinkers and questioners of all sorts. 


good legal is good business.

Foundry Legal is a boutique business law practice in Denver, CO.  Our attorneys focus on sustainable business law, which at its core means building a solid foundation for new and growing businesses, impact organizations, and other game-changers.

Who says the legal stuff has to be so stuffy?

Our practice is about doing legal a little bit differently…