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Phishing Happens!

Phishing happens! Disclaimer: This is not particularlized, foolproof IT advice. We do NOT recommend that you “DIY” your company’s information security systems. Things change too quickly. Nevertheless, I know that …
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Huge ($125.15M) jury verdict against Wal-Mart in disability discrimination case.

JURY AWARDS OVER $125 MILLION IN EEOC DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION CASE AGAINST WALMART From the EEOC’s office this morning, a disabled worker just won a massive jury verdict in a case …
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Arizona’s Data Breach Statute, Part 1/2.

Arizona’s data breach statute is divided into two sections of the relevant code. This is part 1/2. Link to 18-551. Definitions In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1 …
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Arizona’s data breach statute, Part 2/2.

Arizona’s data breach statute is divided into two sections of the relevant code. This is part 2/2. Section 18-552. Notification of security system breaches; requirements; enforcement; civil penalty; preemption; exceptions …
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Expiring Covid Executive Orders.

UPDATE June 14, 2021: JUST KIDDING! When this post was first published on June 9, 2021, we thought for sure that our dear Governor was putting things back to normal/before-times-status-quo …
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Truer words about HIPAA – #understatedFriday

This is a gem of an understatement, from Glenn Cohen at Harvard Law, as quoted recently in a great Washington Post article on the intersection between the Covid vaccine and …
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What’s the big deal about not filing my Colorado business entity periodic report on time?

Late fees!Gah! So you can read more here more about the specifics of how to cure the delinquency in your periodic report filing requirement from a paperwork perspective. Log in, …
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Incorporation (“Formation” / “Organization”) Documents Revealed! (and in Plain English!)

Often when I advise early-stage founders on officially organizing their business under state law, I find myself preemptively apologizing about how I’m about to throw dozens of terms at them …
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What is a limited scope engagement?

Foundry Legal can provide certain types of assistance as “limited-scope” engagement (also called “unbundled legal services”). This may help you save on legal fees. However, there are some risks you …
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Colorado’s Data Breach Statute, Sec. 6-1-716, C.R.S.

(1) Definitions.  As used in this section, unless the context otherwise requires: (a) “Biometric data” means unique biometric data generated from measurements or analysis of human body characteristics for the purpose of …
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Section 8-2-114, C.R.S. – Immunity from civil liability for employer disclosing information

8-2-114. Immunity from civil liability for employer disclosing information – employer shall not maintain blacklist – credit lists excepted The following is for reference purposes only and should not be …
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Hemp Advisory

Hemp and cannabis businesses have a range of needs, and need attorneys with regulatory experience and judgment to help get them where they want to go. Along the way, we …
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