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Hemp Advisory

Hemp and cannabis businesses have a range of needs, and need attorneys with regulatory experience and judgment to help get them where they want to go. Along the way, we…

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Startups and Business Formation

Starting a company can be a whirlwind of excitement, adventure, opportunity, and triumph. After putting in so much effort and laying everything on the line, the last thing you want…


Trademark Registration

It’s no secret that intellectual property is often the most valuable asset of a business. As your business grows, people will associate your name with your products. The last thing…

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Privacy and Data Security

As the regulation of how businesses use, store, and transmit data becomes more complex, companies and executives must navigate between state-specific and industry-level privacy and data security regulations.  Foundry Legal…


Blockchain and Fintech

At the intersection of governance, data security, payments and financial services, and securities regulation lies the blockchain industry. Luckily for our clients, these topics are right in our wheelhouse.  Foundry Legal's…