Security Clearance Revocation

Having a security clearance challenged or revoked can be one of the most harrowing experiences for a defense sector employee or contractor.  We can assist with challenging adverse clearance determinations and will make sure your case receives the full consideration it deserves and that your best arguments for reinstatement.  

  • Personnel security clearance loss determinations
  • Interpretation and response to of Statements of Reasons (SORs)
  • Status determination hearings; reinstatement of loss of earnings

While certain types misconduct on or off the job may result in a loss of your clearance, oftentimes allegations are overblown and determinations are unjustly made.  We assist clients who are seeking to retain or reinstate their federal security clearances after loss or revocation.  Whether the agency overseeing your clearance determination is based in DC or Colorado, you need an advocate who knows the federal clearance system and who will be dogged about responding to any notices you receive, and preparing you for your personal appearance.  If a polygraph was part of your clearance process we can assist with that too.  

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