Technology Transactions

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If there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that technology companies need legal counsel that can keep up with the times. From licensing deals to fixing the website terms and conditions, tech companies all businesses have legal needs. This is where hiring fractional general counsel comes in handy.

Foundry Legal provides general corporate representation to clients at various stages in their development. We advise clients forming new companies, winding down others, and on day-to-day corporate governance.

We also advise on securities offerings and compliance, as well as on structuring and drafting of employment and consulting compensation arrangements and other business contracts.

We advise technology clients on all types of business matters, particularly the complex ones.

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Foundry Legal is a law practice.  We primarily focus on data privacy, emerging technology companies and social impact organizations, and capital formation through private securities offerings and strategic investments/acquisitions. 

Occasionally we will find an issue that really, really goes against something we stand for and when that happens we won’t hestitate to get involved.  

The firm serves clients across a range of industries, including new agriculture, financial institutions, aerospace, and professional services.  We are in Denver, Colorado.  Other stuff about us

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