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State/ jurisdictionContentsLinkCaliforniaCCPA, as amendedCaliforniaCCPA regulationsColoradoColorado Privacy ActColoradoDraft regulations for Colorado Privacy Act (9/29/2022) General - Privacy Enforcement main site' resourcesIAB Legal Guide for Direct Brands (oriented more toward B2C brands,…

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Colorado AG publishes data security best practices

Covered entities that maintain protected personal or personally identifying information (PII) must take reasonable steps to protect that information, to dispose of it when it is no longer needed, and to promptly notify Colorado residents when their information is at risk of misuse by unauthorized third parties.


Protected: Colorado Privacy Act – Text Only

Senate Bill 21-190 By Senator(s) Rodriguez And Lundeen, Bridges, Buckner, Coleman, Cooke, Danielson, Donovan, Fenberg, Gardner, Ginal, Gonzales, Hansen, Hisey, Holbert, Jaquez Lewis, Kirkmeyer, Kolker, Lee, Liston, Moreno, Pettersen, Priola,…

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