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It’s no secret that intellectual property is often the most valuable asset of a business. As your business grows, people will associate your name with your products. The last thing you want is a challenge to your brand name once you’ve established a presence in your market.

Ensuring that the names you choose for your business and products are eligible for registration and obtaining that protection are essential steps that every business owner should consider. It can be a very expensive undertaking to start from scratch.

We assist our existing business clients with the following essential trademark issues:

  • Planning your intellectual property strategy in line with the needs of your business
  • Searching the availability of your desired name and discuss the risks of infringement on similar marks
  • Applying for registration of your mark with the USPTO
  • Responding to–and winning!–USPTO office actions
  • Enforcing your rights against infringing parties or considering other strategies

A little advice can go a long way...

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