New Business Formation

Starting a company can be a whirlwind of excitement, adventure, opportunity, and triumph. After putting in so much effort and laying everything on the line, the last thing you want is a poor legal foundation dragging you down. It’s tempting to put off legal “housekeeping” in order to lower costs and increase speed. However, the legal foundation is easily one of the most important elements of any startup. If you have not addressed foundational questions before a problem arises, it can cause significant issues that slow down the growth and success of the business later down the road. 

We work closely with you and your company to create effective solutions at each stage of your company’s growth, ranging from initial formation filings and agreements to capital raising transactions. 

Some of the key legal issues for startups include:

– Choosing and forming the right business entity for your team’s goals
– Agreements between founders, e.g. shareholder and voting agreements
– Buy-sell agreements, including right of first refusal, right of first offer, drag-along, tag-along, etc.
– Non-disclosure agreements and other confidentiality provisions
– Intellectual property ownership and rights
– Preparing for, negotiating, and accepting financing from seed, angel, and venture capital investors
– Equity compensation arrangements
– Corporate governance questions such as membership on a board of directors
– Securities compliance, i.e. issuing equity in exchange for capital contributions or services
– Strategic exits and restructuring
– Contract drafting and negotiation, such as customer and supplier agreements
– Shareholder/equity member buyouts and employee exits 

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