At the intersection of startup formation & governance, data security, payments and financial services, and securities regulation lies the blockchain industry.  Luckily for our clients, these topics are right in our wheelhouse.  Foundry Legal’s attorneys are highly regarded in these areas of law, with experience interacting with the SEC, DOJ, FINRA, and state authorities.  They are invited to speak regularly on industry events and conferences.  

Issues of intellectual property, government investigations and enforcement, token-based fundraising fundraising and other securities offering options (i.e. Reg A+, Reg D and Rule 506(b)/506(c), Reg S, and Reg CF).  Our recent experience includes assisting companies in consulting, technology development, aerospace, consumer products, and others on the following issues:

  • Representing a blockchain-based digital media company raising funds through Regulation CF 
  • Counseling blockchain industry startups on formation and structuring questions
  • Representing a distributed consulting services organization in its Regulation S fundraising and related governance matters
  • Advising private investor in proposed offshore investment into cryptocurrency consulting group
  • Advising clients on matters involving cryptocurrency ATMs, including related licensing issues
  • Advising with respect to Know Your Customer (“KYC”) and Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) regulations
  • Representing a consumer electronics company on its proposed blockchain platform and related securities issues
  • Counseling several blockchain technology organizations on issues relating to governance and related-party transactions
  • Representing nonprofit client on acceptance of cryptocurrency charitable giving
  • Advising client in submission of a successful “No Action” determination from state securities regulator in connection with proposed token offering
  • Advising investors exploring private cryptocurrency/ token investment funds 
  • Need we go on…

This industry is changing quickly.  Our range of substantive expertise and our depth of experience allows us — and thus our clients — to keep up.   Say hello.

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